Treason is so passe

     Once again I’m drawn away from my make believe fantasy world to blog about the unbelievable lunacy of this one. Our Commander in Chief has unlawfully (by the White House’s own admission) released, for reportedly “political reasons”, five top Al-Queda leaders from GTMO in exchange for a captured army sergeant, who reportedly was a deserter and now doesn’t even want to return to the US. Isn’t that wonderful? I know I must be racially sensitive and give the Commander in Chief the benefit of the doubt in all things, so I’ll just assume he has a soft spot for those with “multiple allegiances”. I’m so glad I spent four long years, in the prime of my life, floating around the Atlantic Ocean in a tin can “protecting America” for future generations.
     How many marines and soldiers were killed to capture these five barbarians? How many people around the world are alive today because these murderers have been locked up for the last decade? Its seems these are not questions the Commander in Chief cares to consider before he bends over for our sworn enemies and spreads his half black ass cheeks as wide as he can. Only we are left to ask questions. Questions like:
          “Is it a coincidence that this illegal negotiation with terrorist occurred just days after the Commander in Chief made the most shameful speech in American history to the graduating class at West Point?”
          “What benefit was there to the United States to negotiate with terrorists and let five of their top leaders walk free in exchange for…a traitor?”
     I wonder if our freedom loving, 1st Amendment protecting, truth to power telling, courageously neutral media will ask any question like these? I wonder if Americans will asks questions like these when the choose which party to vote for for the next several decades.
This is an act of treason by the Commander in Chief. Impeachment proceeding should be Congress’ first order of business after the mid term elections wipe the Commander in Chief’s party out of power. For good, I can only hope.
Why am I making it about party politics? Because this is exactly what the Left say they want to do. Why are supposed to be surprised when we elect a career student to the White House and he proceeds to implement all the exact same anti-American policies that are taught on campus? That makes us insane, not them.
     The people in power now are of the exact same ideology of those who spit on the Vietnam veterans in airports. What the Commander in Chief did on Saturday was merely the same thing. This is just business as usual for the Left. When the Commander in Chief has an applause line in a speech, you better applaud. You see, it’s the US Army that needs to fear the Commander in Chief, not Al-Queda.

Road to Barbarism

     The world has gone completely bat-shit crazy. Its not just the people in power, but every day, average people are totally out of their minds. There was a group of teenagers in McDonald’s this morning (I don’t eat there, I just use their WiFi after the gym). A big group, about ten, of both males and females and they were all filthy dirty. Every single one of them looked like they hadn’t had a bath in a week. They looked like refugees in a post apocalypse, Mel Gibson movie.

     Some of them were attractive, young girls with their hair completely fucked up as if none of them even bothered to run their hand down the side of their head after they woke up. It was literally the most dreadful thing I’ve ever seen. I don’t know what kind of drugs they could’ve been doing. Maybe they were all high on codeine because they looked wiped out, not just stoned and goofy like they were smoking pot, but just dragging off the ground. It was a pitiful sight at 8:30 in the morning.

     A few of them ordered drinks and they sat in a booth and talked and cursed loudly with absolute disregard for any of the elderly people who were in the restaurant. They were utterly disgusting. They looked like filthy hobos, except if you cleaned them up they would look like all-American, high school kids next door. I thought back to my adolescence in the mid 80s and how mortified I would’ve been to be seen in public with dirty clothes or unwashed hair.

     I don’t know what’s going on in the world, but I have a feeling we’re reverting back to a tribal, more barbaric existence. Ironically, its technology that pushing us in that direction. The more people are distracted by looking into their magic mirrors (smart phones), the less human they become.

“Mirror, mirror in my hand. Tell me how great I am.”

     After I awhile, I packed up my laptop and walked out to my car and the loudmouth cusser was sitting against the wall with a cardboard sign. He asked me for money. I said no. He said thanks anyway, but with an obvious air of disdain.

     I don’t know, it seems like I don’t even have the energy or the will to pass judgement on these kids. They’ve been raised by lies fed to them by self serving authority figures, from absentee parents, to teachers, to pop stars. They obviously don’t have anyone who cares enough about them to make sure they look presentable when they leave the house. Really, none of them looked like they lived in a house.

     Still, even if they are on hard drugs and live on the street, the underlying problem is the attitude of hopelessness these kids have. The scary part is, what makes them so different than the sniveling psychopath of Isla Vista? They all have utter contempt for others. This guy acted like he’d just as soon shoot me in the back than take my spare change, but for some reason I feel sorry for him. And, for the first time in my life, I feel the need to carry a gun.


2014 MLB Musings

2014 is the first season in which Major League Baseball has bowed to pressure from the sports media and the advocate class to allow use of instant replay and “neighborhood” tags at home plate. I hope this will not be the end of America’s national pastime.

The umpiring in MLB the last several years has been heinous. I mean God-awful. Batted balls called foul that land three feet inside the line. Runners called out when the first basemen is two feet off the bag. No-hitters ruined on the 27th out. I cheered when Brett Lawrie slammed his helmet at the feet of umpire Bill Miller after Miller deliberately miscalled two pitches outside the zone because Lawrie had the nerve to start walking to first on an obvious ball four, but the sports media hissed and booed. Umpires have been doing this for the 30+ years I’ve been watching MLB and I didn’t like it when I was 8 and I don’t like it now. Umpires are there to call the game fairly. That doesn’t mean pick fights with players who perceivably show you up. I’ll even give the umps some leeway given we’re in a new era of HD, but if I were an umpire and high def television was threatening my livelihood, I’d make the right calls. I might leave the ego aside. I’m not sure the media’s coverage is worth getting into. I’m at the point where I think everything said on TV is manipulative lies

Okay, so everyone agrees we need instant replay because it just makes so much sense. Since we all know Bud Selig has no qualms about warping the historical significance of baseball, what would be the simplest way to implement this change? I thought adding one more umpire to each crew and station him in the press box or a special room equipped with all the communications and video access the stadium can deliver and he watches the game unfolds. When there’s a missed call and one manager comes out to argue, the extra ump looks at the video and makes a decision. He decides wether the correct call was made on the field or not, based on the video evidence. He contacts the crew chief on the field to announce if the original call stands. Easy right? So why is it not working like this?

I’ve never understood why the umpiring crew can’t convene and reverse a call when it was obviously missed. I understand that umps have gargantuan egos and none of them every want to look bad on TV (so why not make the right call originally?), but if they had the courage to say, “hey, you missed that one, Bob. The first baseman was two feet off the bag,” none of this would be necessary. But umpire loyalty is what’s important. How many times this year has the ump come back after looking at the replay and still made the wrong call? It looks to me like the umps are more concerned in keeping some sense of perceived integrity of their authority than they are in getting the call right. Saturday night the Yankees benefited (surprise, surprise) from a missed call and a missed replay call. The excuse was given that the umps didn’t have all the available angle. Why not? Is each stadium going to have an advantage by what replays they send to the umpiring crew? Or, do the Yankees just automatically get every call in their favor like St. Louis? I wonder…

I thought the instant replay was supposed to speed the game up? Every time I listen to a know-it-all broadcaster, he’s braying like a jackass about how long the game is. So what? Baseball is supposed to be long. It’s not supposed to fit into a broadcast schedule. Can we just cease with the social engineering, already? What makes these people think that they can manipulate the rules and play to make it more profitable for TV ad revenue. That’s what’s it’s really all about. The NFL makes a shitload of money because they’ve manipulated the game. The problem is that the NFL is completely unwatchable anymore. Each year I wonder why I waste my time (okay I admit, I’m a Raiders fan). MLB seems to be on the same path of destruction.

So what if the games are three hours? Baseball was around long before the was AC power, for crying out loud. We’re supposed to make it conform with our current culture’s neurotic need for instant gratification? I’d rather watch a heated argument every once in a while rather than umpire’s huddle every time there’s a close play. I’m shocked, shocked that there are unintended consequences to the policies sent down by the enlightened elite.